UppCon 2024!

The 17th Uppsala conference on Electron Capture and Transfer Dissociation mass spectrometry will be organised by the Lermyte laboratory at the Technical University of Darmstadt on 15-17 July 2024. Registration will open soon. Abstract submission for poster presentations is currently open (abstract deadline: 26 June). A number of oral presentations will also be selected from submitted abstracts. See below for more information.

Located in the German state of Hesse, Darmstadt officially holds the title of ‘Wissenschaftsstadt’ (City of Science), as it hosts the headquarters of the Merck Group, as well as the mission control centre of the European Space Agency and the GSI Centre for Heavy Ion Research, where a number of synthetic elements (including, famously, hassium and darmstadtium) were first produced. In addition to this proud scientific tradition, the city has a number of architecturally important sites, some of which have been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. The city has excellent public transport, including links to Frankfurt Airport (30-minute bus ride, with two buses departing per hour).

Abstracts and registration: UppCon 2024 – AK-Lermyte – TU Darmstadt

Confirmed speakers