The NVMS Conference Fund has been established with the aim of promoting NVMS member participation in international congresses. The scholarships are available for researchers (Bsc, MSc, PhD, and Post-docs up to 2 years after receiving their PhD) that have an NVMS membership and have a research position in the Netherlands of at least 0.5 FTE. During congress participation, applicants should have the same position as held during fund application.

Evaluation committee February 2021 – December 2023:
Arjen Gerssen (WUR)
Alina Astefanei (UvA)
Kelly Stecker (Utrecht University)

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Dario Cramer (UU): Charting The Proteoform Landscape Of The Serum Proteins By High-Resolution Native Mass Spectrometry
Isabeau Vermeulen (M4I): Multimodal spatial omics in human focal epilepsy
Denice van Herwerden (UvA): Naive Bayes classification model for isotopologue detection in LC-HRMS data
Wouter van Bergen (UU):  Phosphonate handles facilitate site-specific activity-based protein profiling
Constantin Blöchl (LUMC): Integrated N- and O-Glycomics of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cell Lines
Danique van Rijswijk (UU): Personalized responses to viral infections revealed by monitoring serum IgG1 repertoires
Hany Majeed (VU): Trapped ion mobility spectrometry for the rapid separation and identification of positional isomers in designer-drugs mixtures
Johannes Hevler (UU): Combining cross-linking mass spectrometry and complexome profiling facilitates the selective analysis of protein complexes
Christoph Gstöttner (LUMC): Multidimensional liquid chromatographic approaches for automated analysis of biopharmaceuticals
Sebastiaan van den Wildenberg (TU/e): Immunoprecipitation coupled with µFlow-Top-Down High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Quantification of the Protein Tumor Biomarker Neuron-Specific Enolase
Peng Che (VU): A “Chemical Toolbox” for the generation of metabolite-like products of new psychoactive substances
Ariadni Geballa-Koukoula (WFSR): Immuno-enriched microspheres – magnetic blade spray tandem mass spectrometry for domoic acid in mussels
Jeroen Meijer (VU): The Identification of Thyroid Hormone System Disrupting Compounds in Human Cord Blood Samples using Effect-Directed Analysis


Agathe Depraz Depland (VU): Unravelling the peptides’ aggregation mechanism: Can TIMS-MS experiment be used to monitor and identify early oligomeric stages?
Iuliia Stroganova (VU): Coupling droplet microfluidics with Ion Mobility – Mass Spectrometry to study early steps of protein aggregation


Oleg Klykov
(Utrecht University): High-resolution model of Fibrin clots by crosslinking mass spectrometry
Naomi Vos (M4I): Class-specific lipid changes in tissue composition upon formalin fixation
Maurits den Boer (Utrecht University): Pros and cons of mass photometry and native mass spectrometry in the analysis of macromolecular immune complexes

Rolduc poster prize:
Victor Somovilla (Utrecht University): Exact structure elucidation of N-glycans with IMS 
Karli Reiding (Netherlands Proteomics Centre): Hybrid MS reveals the atypical glycosylation of myeloperoxidase

Rolduc Flash presentation:
Rianne van Ousterterp (Radboud University): Small molecule identification with IRIS: development and applications 


Darya Hadavi (M4I): Bridge academia and industry with flow reactors coupled with IMS-MS and save lives

Bram Heijs (LUMC): MS for MS; a mass spectrometry-based study into Multiple Sclerosis

IBBI2018 conference fund winners:

Lisanne Kempkes (Radboud), Sjors Bakels (Radboud), Yu-Hsien Lin (UU), Tobias Woerner (UU) en Max Hoek (UU)


Florian Barré (M4I): Playing hide-and-seek with pharmaceuticals: MALDI-2 augments mass spectrometry imaging

Noortje de Haan (LUMC): Mass spectrometric IgG Fc-glycosylation analysis in pediatric samples reveals age and physiological state-related differences

Frank Klont (RUG): Novel LC-MS assay unveils an acute decrease in serum sRAGE levels after cigarette smoking

Fred van Geenen (WUR): Ambient Characterization of Synthetic Fibers by Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Lieke Lamont (M4I): Neuropeptide analysis and identification from pituitary gland using LESA-µLC-HDMSE

OURCON V Conference fund winnaars:

Mridula Prasad (Radboud), Fanny Boyaval (LUMC), Martijn Arts (M4I) and Aladdin Taha (Erasmus)

OurCon Grant winners 01OurCon Grant winners 02


Martin Paine (M4I): A Novel MALDI Ion Funnel Source for High-throughput Accurate Mass Imaging on Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers

Renske Penning (UU): In-depth study of the molecular events underlying mGluR-LTD by combining pulsedSILAC/AHA labeling and phosphoproteomics: implications for ASD

Anne Bruinen (M4I): 3D TOF-SIMS of a surface modified supramolecular biomaterial
(Winner Rolduc2016 Poster Prize)

Sam Tamara (UU): 193 nm Ultraviolet Photodissociation Applied to Native MS
(Winner Rolduc2016 Poster Prize)

Sander Streng (UMC Maastricht): Amino acid sequence determination of the 16 kDa fragment band of cardiac troponin T in AMI-patients
(Winner Rolduc2016 Flash Presentation)


Hans Wessels (RadboudUMC): Analysis of proteoforms in membrane protein complexes by top-down proteomics

Michiel van de Waterbeemd (UU): A native mass spectrometric view at the assembly and cargo loading of protein nanocontainers

Sha Lou (LUMC): Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker Discovery of Soft Tissue Sarcoma by Mass Spectrometry Imaging
(Winner Best Poster Prize NVMS Spring Meeting 2015)

Tiffany Porta (M4I): Electrically Biased Pixelated Detector allows Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Non-covalent Biomolecular Complexes during Native Electrospray Mass Spectrometry


David Falck (LUMC): Influence of glycoforms on the tryptic digestion efficiency of immunoglobulin G based biopharmaceuticals

Guinevere Kammeijer (LUMC): Increasing sensitivity of glycopeptide analysis with CESI-MS

Anne Bruinen (FOM-AMOLF): Multimodal imaging for biological applications: X-ray microCT and mass spectrometry imaging

Jonathan Martens (RU): Development of a Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for Spectroscopic Characterization of Peptide Fragments Generated from CID/ETD using FELIX

Karolina Skraskova (FOM-AMOLF): Combined mass spectrometry and multivariate data analysis image accumulation of fatty acids in the hindbrain of mouse models with impaired peroxisomal β-oxidation
(Winner Rolduc2014 Flash Presentation)

Rickdeb Sen (WUR): Throwing DARTs at the surface
(Winner Rolduc2014 Best Poster Presentation)

Mark Jansen (FOM-AMOLF): Mass spectrometry imaging of crude oil interfaces with water/brine and surfactants
(Winner Rolduc2014 Best Poster Presentation)


Wilco Duvivier (WUR): A New Approach in Hair Forensics

Marco Benevento (UU): Deep proteome profiling identifies distinct pluripotent cellular populations during somatic cell reprogramming into induced pluripotent stem cells


Jessica Bereszczak (UU): Characterisation of antibody binding to the Hepatitis B virus capsid: Combining native ion mobility mass spectrometry, GEMMA and hydrogen-deuterium exchange

Tim J.A. Dekker (LUMC): Imaging MS based patient stratification of triple negative breast cancer

Joost Snijder (UU): Native Mass Spectrometry as a tool to study virus assembly, maturation and cargo encapsulation

Nadine Mascini (FOM-AMOLF): Proteomic analysis reveals differences between xenograft models of triple-negative breast cancer associated with therapy response