2017 Fall Meeting @DSM

NVMS fall meeting 2 November 2017, DSM, Alexander Fleminglaan 1, Delft

 Mass Spectrometry in Industry

9:30-10:00 Registration


10:00-10:20 Opening + welcome to DSM


Chair: Manfred
10:20-11:00 Marcel van Tilborg (DSM)

35 years of MS in Biotechnology

11:00-11:25 Joost Gouw (Danone)

Identification of peptides with tolerogenic potential in a partially hydrolyzed infant formula

11:30-13:30 Lunch and lab tour
13:30-13:45 Algemene ledenvergadering NVMS Chair: Arjen
13:45-14:10 Wim Genuit (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.)

Direct mass spectrometric methods for problem solving in art conservation and industry

14:10-14:35 Eef Dirksen (Synthon)

Unraveling an unexpected interaction between SYD985 and CES1c

14:35-15:10 Coffee/Tea break
15:10-15:35 Boudewijn Hollebrands (Unilever)

LC-MS Analysis of the Nonvolatile Precursors of Rancid Smell in Mayonnaise



Rob Vreeken (Maastricht University, Johnson & Johnson)

Innovative MS in pharma: the importance of collaboration

16:00 Closure
16:05-17:00 Borrel/drinks