2017 Spring Meeting @CWI Amsterdam

New Talents in Mass Spectrometry

Turingzaal, Science Park 123, 1098 XG, Amsterdam

9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-9:40 Opening
9:40-10:00 Alina Astefani (University of Amsterdam)
Extremely fast and sensitive mass spectrometry via acoustic wave nebulisation
Chair: Eva
10:00-10:20 Kathrin Stavenhagen (Leiden University Medical Center)
Protein glycosylation analysis by in-depth glycan and glycopeptide analysis using porous graphitized carbon (PGC)-LC-MS
10:20-10:40 Frank Klont (University of Groningen)
Establishing reliable MALDI-TOF MS-based biomarker assays: a case study of insulin-like growth factor 1
10:40-11:10 Coffee/Tea break
11:10-11:30 Domenico Fasci (Utrecht University)
Charting the human nuclear protein-protein interaction landscape through cross-linking mass spectrometry
Chair: Maarten
11:30-11:50 Renske Penning (Utrecht University, conference fund winner)
Temporal dynamics of molecular events underlying mGluR-LTD; an integrative proteomics analysis of protein translation and phosphorylation
11:50-12:10 Martin Paine (Maastricht University, conference fund winner)
The Wizards of OzID: Combining MALDI-MSI with Ozone for Lipid Positional-Isomer Imaging
12:10-13:40 Lunch and posters
13:40-14:00 Algemene ledenvergadering NVMS Chair: Christian
14:00-14:20 Edward de Koning (University of Amsterdam)
Analysis of transient protein – protein interactions in Bacillus subtilis by in vivo cross-linking mass spectrometry
14:20-14:40 Fred van Geenen (Wageningen University)
Ambient Characterization of Synthetic Fibers by Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization – MS
14:40-15:10 Coffee/Tea break
15:10-15:30 Andrea Gargano (Center for Analytical Sciences Amsterdam)
Online nano 2DLC meets Top-Down MS: WCX-HILIC/a×m/RPLC UVPD-HRMS analysis of Histone proteoforms
Chair: Arjen
15:30-15:50 Matthew M. Makowski (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Identifying specific protein-DNA interactions of disease-associated sequence variants using mass spectrometry
15:50-16:10 Vasudev Kantae (Leiden University)
Expanding towards the pharmacology space of the endocannabinoid system by employing MS based strategies
16:10 Closure
16:15-17:00 Borrel/drinks