2018 Fall Meeting @VU

This years’ Fall Meeting was held on November 15th in the O|2 building of the Free University in Amsterdam. Topic of the meeting was Bioanalysis. With close to a hundred people attending, the meeting was a succes.


9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening
10:10 Zoltan Takats (Imperial College London) – Atmospheric interface designs in the age of ambient mass spectrometry
10:35 Tomislav Caval (Utrecht University) – Characterization of glycosylated biotherapeutics with native mass spectrometry
11:00 Hans Wessels (Radboud University) Clinical N-glycosylation analysis: past, current, and future bioanalytics
11:30 Lunch and lab tour
13:30 Algemene ledenvergadering NVMS
13:45 NVMS conference fund winner:

Florian Barré (Maastricht University) – MALDI-2 imaging pushes the boundaries of pharmaceutical developments studies

14:10 NVMS conference fund winner:

Gerda Vreeker (Leiden University) – Automated glycomics analysis of plasma and DBS with linkage-specific sialic acid esterification and ultrahigh resolution MS

14:35 Coffee/Tea break
15:10 Frank Klont (Groningen University) Low to sub ng/mL quantification of the soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-products (sRAGE) in human serum using UPLC-MRM/MS
15:35 Valeriia Kuzyk (VU) – In-Depth Characterisation of Heavily Glycosylated Proteins and Their Potential as Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers.
16:00 Closure
16:05 Borrel/drinks