WFSR building

2023 Spring Meeting @WFSR Wageningen

The NVMS Spring Symposium will take place on Wednesday June 14th 2023 at Wageningen Food Safety Research. This time we did not create the program ourselves, but asked our young NVMS members to submit an abstract to present their work. This turned out to be a great success, and we proudly announce the following program:

9:30Welcome and registration
10:05Peng Che (VU) – EAD versus CID
10:30Kas Houthuijs (RU) – IRIS database
10:55Coffee and posters
11:30Ariadni Geballa-Koukoula (WUR) – Immunoblade spray MS
11:55NVMS General Assembly
12:30Lunch and posters
13:30Quentin Duez (RU) – Flow reactors coupled to MS
13:55Lidia Molina Millan (M4I) – MALDI 2 of polymers
14:20Coffee and posters
14:45Joshua Maliepaard (UU) – Glycopeptide isomer analysis
15:10Agathe Depraz Depland (VU) –  Peptide aggregation analysis
15:35Arjen Gerssen (WFSR) – Overview MS in Wageningen
16;15Lab tour WFSR
16:15 – 17:30Drinks

Additionally, at the NVMS Spring Meeting there will be ample time for networking. Also a number of people will present their work at the poster sessions. Due to limited capacity, registration for the meeting has now closed.