YOU! are the youngNVMS

In December 2023 the youngNVMS was established with the purpose of creating an inclusive community for young scientists1 who:

  • have an interest in mass spectrometry (and/or)
  • use mass spectrometry in their occupation (and/or)
  • are located primarily in the Netherlands (and/or)
  • have an interest in the mass spectrometry field in the Netherlands.

Core Values

Collaboration: Encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and a spirit of exploration among young scientists in link with senior scientists.

Inclusivity: Promote a culture that values diversity and inclusivity, welcoming scientists from various cultural and scientific backgrounds who use or want to use mass spectrometry.

Innovation: Emphasize a commitment to innovation and advancing knowledge within the field by providing opportunities for connection and openness in dissemination.

Ethical aspect: youngNVMS should highlight ethical conduct in research and demonstrate social responsibility through their actions.

Professional Development: Prioritize the professional development of young scientists in mass spectrometry, providing resources and opportunities for growth.

  1. 10 years post BSc, 7 years post Msc, 3 years Post PhD, as guidelines not strict rules ↩︎