Welcome the NVMS’s refreshed identity!

We’re happy to unveil our new logo, marking an exciting change in NVMS’s 60-year history!

Our new logo, while maintaining the familiar sense of the past, introduces a subtle sense of modernity.

Have you noticed all the changes?
The traditional blue hue has evolved into a dynamic gradient of colors already present in our original logo.
In a symbolic shift, the Electron Impact (EI) mass spectrum has been replaced with a Probe Electrospray Ionization (PESI) one. This change highlights the constant innovations and new developments in the field of mass spectrometry, transitioning from a harsh ionization method to an ambient and soft ionization technique.
To add a touch of Dutch element, the logo now features a tulip mass spectrum, a symbol of our nation’s rich heritage.

Join us as we embrace this change and continue building a strong mass spectrometry network.