The (NV)MS conference fund is created for NVMS members to promote the Dutch participation at international conferences. The scholarships are available to researchers (BSc, MSc, PhD, Post-docs (up to 2 years after receiving their PhD) who are members of the NVMS and hold at least a 0.5 FTE research position in the Netherlands. The applicant should hold the same research position during participation in the conference as the position during the application of the fund.

Evaluation committee for the period June 2017 to June 2020:
Arjen Gerssen (NVMS)
Michiel Akeroyd (DSM)
Simone Lemeer (UU)

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Darya Hadavi (M4I): Bridge academia and industry with flow reactors coupled with IMS-MS and save lives

Bram Heijs (LUMC): MS for MS; a mass spectrometry-based study into Multiple Sclerosis

Winners of the IBBI2018 conference funds:

Lisanne Kempkes (Radboud), Sjors Bakels (Radboud), Yu-Hsien Lin (UU), Tobias Woerner (UU) and Max Hoek (UU)

Previous winners:


Florian Barré (M4I): Playing hide-and-seek with pharmaceuticals: MALDI-2 augments mass spectrometry imaging

Gerda Vreeker (LUMC): Development of clinical glycomics protocols for plasma and dried-blood-spot analysis with MALDI-FTICR-MS

Noortje de Haan (LUMC)Mass spectrometric IgG Fc-glycosylation analysis in pediatric samples reveals age and physiological state-related differences

Frank Klont (RUG)Novel LC-MS assay unveils an acute decrease in serum sRAGE levels after cigarette smoking

Fred van Geenen (WUR)Ambient Characterization of Synthetic Fibers by Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Lieke Lamont (M4I)Neuropeptide analysis and identification from pituitary gland using LESA-µLC-HDMSE

OURCON V Conference fund winners:
Mridula Prasad
 (Radboud), Fanny Boyaval (LUMC), Martijn Arts (M4I) and Aladdin Taha (Erasmus)

OurCon Grant winners 01OurCon Grant winners 02


Martin Paine (M4I): A Novel MALDI Ion Funnel Source for High-throughput Accurate Mass Imaging on Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers

Renske Penning (UU): In-depth study of the molecular events underlying mGluR-LTD by combining pulsedSILAC/AHA labeling and phosphoproteomics: implications for ASD

Anne Bruinen (M4I): 3D TOF-SIMS of a surface modified supramolecular biomaterial
(Winner Rolduc2016 Poster Prize)

Sam Tamara (UU): 193 nm Ultraviolet Photodissociation Applied to Native MS
(Winner Rolduc2016 Poster Prize)

Sander Streng (UMC Maastricht): Amino acid sequence determination of the 16 kDa fragment band of cardiac troponin T in AMI-patients
(Winner Rolduc2016 Flash Presentation)


Hans Wessels (RadboudUMC): Analysis of proteoforms in membrane protein complexes by top-down proteomics

Michiel van de Waterbeemd (UU): A native mass spectrometric view at the assembly and cargo loading of protein nanocontainers

Sha Lou (LUMC): Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker Discovery of Soft Tissue Sarcoma by Mass Spectrometry Imaging
(Winner Best Poster Prize NVMS Spring Meeting 2015)

Tiffany Porta (M4I): Electrically Biased Pixelated Detector allows Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Non-covalent Biomolecular Complexes during Native Electrospray Mass Spectrometry


David Falck (LUMC): Influence of glycoforms on the tryptic digestion efficiency of immunoglobulin G based biopharmaceuticals

Guinevere Kammeijer (LUMC): Increasing sensitivity of glycopeptide analysis with CESI-MS

Anne Bruinen (FOM-AMOLF): Multimodal imaging for biological applications: X-ray microCT and mass spectrometry imaging

Jonathan Martens (RU): Development of a Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for Spectroscopic Characterization of Peptide Fragments Generated from CID/ETD using FELIX

Karolina Skraskova (FOM-AMOLF): Combined mass spectrometry and multivariate data analysis image accumulation of fatty acids in the hindbrain of mouse models with impaired peroxisomal β-oxidation
(Winner Rolduc2014 Best Flash Presentation)

Rickdeb Sen (WUR): Throwing DARTs at the surface
(Winner Rolduc2014 Best Poster Presentation)

Mark Jansen (FOM-AMOLF): Mass spectrometry imaging of crude oil interfaces with water/brine and surfactants
(Winner Rolduc2014 Best Poster Presentation)


Wilco Duvivier (WUR): A New Approach in Hair Forensics

Marco Benevento (UU): Deep proteome profiling identifies distinct pluripotent cellular populations during somatic cell reprogramming into induced pluripotent stem cells


Jessica Bereszczak (UU): Characterisation of antibody binding to the Hepatitis B virus capsid: Combining native ion mobility mass spectrometry, GEMMA and hydrogen-deuterium exchange

Tim J.A. Dekker (LUMC): Imaging MS based patient stratification of triple negative breast cancer

Joost Snijder (UU): Native Mass Spectrometry as a tool to study virus assembly, maturation and cargo encapsulation

Nadine Mascini (FOM-AMOLF): Proteomic analysis reveals differences between xenograft models of triple-negative breast cancer associated with therapy response