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2019 Fall Meeting

The Fall Meeting will be held on Thursday October 17th at LUMC in Leiden. We will publish the agenda for the meeting shortly, and open registration. Looking forward to seeing you in Leiden!

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FTICR MS Summer School

The First EU FTICR MS Advanced User School will be held in Lisbon on 14-18 april. Look here for detailed information, and register using this form.


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Registration Rolduc2019 now open!

The 4th NVMS-BSMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry will be held from March 31st until April 2nd, 2019. The meeting will be held at the usual venue, the abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade. For more information and registration please go to the Rolduc2019 website. Overnight stays are not included. During the course of the congress you can stay in the abbey hotel at special rates. For bookings please send an email with your details to info@rolduc.com, citing NVMS2019.

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Fall meeting 2018

The fall meeting, which was held at the O|2 building of the Free University of Amsterdam on November 15th, was attended by almost a hundred members. The seven lectures, two of which were given by the NVMS conference fund winners Florian Barré and Gerda Vreeker, focused on bioanalysis, with strong emphasis on the analysis of glycosylated proteins. The program also included a labtour and a general assembly meeting, and was concluded with the traditional borrel. The NVMS would like to thank VUMC for helping us organize a great meeting!


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IMSC2022 in Maastricht

During IMSC2018 in Florence, the IMSF affiliates have chosen Maastricht as the location for the IMSC2022 meeting. Together with Ron Heeren and Albert Heck, the NVMS has put in the bid which turned out to be convincing enough to beat Warsaw and Manchester. We would like to thank everyone who supported our bid and look forward to seeing lots of our members in Maastricht!

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Spring meeting at KWR

The 12th of April 2018 the NVMS organized its spring meeting at KWR in Nieuwegein. Over 90 participants were present during the day. The subject of the day was Small Molecules and Structure Elucidation. For KWR a very relevant subject, because they use mass spectrometry to elucidate identities of unknown compounds present in water. Pyrazole is an example of a compound of which KWR unravelled the identity using mass spectrometry. It was interesting to see that the participants and speakers had a diverse background. They came among others from universities, (pharmaceutical) industry, medical university centres, mass spectrometry vendors, and research institutes (e.g. RIKILT and NFI). The speakers all apply the analytical technique mass spectrometry, but to answer different questions, like impurity profiling of active pharmaceutical ingredients, analysing bioactive compounds in household dust, analysing drug metabolites, and elucidation of  pathways in biomedical research and diagnostics. Next to the interesting talks, ample opportunity for networking was programmed. Also a tour in the interesting KWR building was given with a special focus on the chemical laboratories and all their mass spec apparatus. The NVMS want to thank KWR for their hospitality and we hope to see you at our fall meeting.


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Fall Meeting at DSM a great success!

The fall meeting is well-attended with a total of approx. 100 participants interested in the subject of mass spectrometry in industry. Speakers from various companies (DSM, Danone, Shell, Synton, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson) have presented a range of different techniques and applications. Beside the lectures, there was enough time to network and visit the fantastic DSM lab facilities. We hope you had an inspiring meeting and hopefully see you in spring.


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Spinoza Prizes for Albert Heck and Alexander van Oudenaarden

Albert Heck and Alexander van Oudenaarden of Utrecht University have both received a Spinoza Prize from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), which is the highest academic award in the Netherlands. Heck and Van Oudenaarden are seen across the world as pioneers in biomolecular research, in which both of them have specialised. They collaborate in this field within Utrecht University’s Life Sciences research theme.

Each scientist will receive €2.5 million. The researchers are free to choose the research they wish to spend this money on. Research funding party NWO awards this ‘Nobel Prize of the Low Countries’ every year to no more than four researchers who belong to the very best in their field from an international perspective.


Albert Heck is compiling an overview of all of the proteins found in the human body. He also provides insight into the role that proteins play in our cells. This has led to entirely new insights for research into disease and health, offering opportunities to develop new and better medication.

As a pioneer, Heck has made a major contribution to the global breakthrough in the field of proteomics, and has also forged bonds with other specialisms. His unique expertise in the technological development of mass spectrometry combined with the large-scale protein study make him an internationally much-sought-after collaboration partner. The techniques he has developed are used in biomedical laboratories throughout the world.


source: https://www.uu.nl/en/news/spinoza-prizes-for-albert-heck-and-alexander-van-oudenaarden

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Conference Grant Ourcon V

The NVMS decided to offer a conference grant for 4 PhD students in The Netherlands to participate to the OurCon V conference.

The OurCon conference will be organized in Doorn (NL) form the 25th till the 28th of September 2017. The OurCon conference has a focus on mass spectrometric imaging (MSI) and might be of interest for researchers from academia and industry; including fundamental scientists, clinical investigators, pathologists, and pharmacologists. The program includes all aspects of MSI from instrument and method development to its wide array of applications. This year’s goal is to accelerate MSI through a focus on young scientists and medical applications. For more information visit the website https://ourcon.org/ourconV/.

The NVMS PhD conference grant covers the registration and accommodation costs up to a maximum of 300 euro. The PhD students should have a specific interest in imaging mass spectrometry. To apply, please send a motivation letter describing your background (academic), motivation for attending the conference, fields of interest and a recommendation letter to info@nvms.nl (with the subject NVMS grant). The deadline for application is the 25th of June 2017 and results will be communicated as soon as possible.

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