2012 2nd NVMS-BSMS Conference

Logo Rolduc2012The 2nd NVMS-BSMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry took place from 28 to 30 March 2012 in the Abbey of Rolduc, Kerkrade, The Netherlands. The conference was organized in collaboration with the Belgian Society for Mass Spectrometry (BSMS). The total number of participants was around 230.

Four internationally renowned scientists were invited to give plenary lectures: Mike Bowers (University of California), William Old (University of Colorado Boulder), Uwe Karst (University of Münster) and Ian Wilson (Astra Zeneca). Bowers, one of the founders of the coupling of molecular dynamics studies with ion mobility MS, had a beautiful story about a study explaining the assembly of peptides. Old gave a lecture on the modeling of peptides and fragmentation mechanisms and how these mechanisms can be better predicted. Karst gave a nice overview of his research on electrochemistry-MS and Wilson concluded the meeting by outlining the challenges of validating biomarkers that are found in metabolomics studies and how these studies can be compared between different labs.

In addition to these speakers, there were three parallel sessions with nearly 50 speakers from the Netherlands and Belgium. On both days there was the opportunity for PhD students to present their work in 4 minutes. The two best presentations were awarded a travel grant worth € 750 and were won by Ellen Hubin (Free University of Brussels) and Nico Verbeeck (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). The Thursday evening was closed with an entertaining presentation by the famous Belgian beer expert Jef van den Steen. His lecture included an explanation of the long history of Trappist beer brewing as well as a beer tasting session.

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Below you can find an impression of our key-note speakers:

“I have really enjoyed the meeting with very interesting presentations and many discussions with colleagues in the beautiful environment of Rolduc Abbey. I have been particularly impressed by the high quality of the posters and brief poster presentation talks by the Ph.D. students from all over The Netherlands and Belgium.” – Uwe Karst, Münster University

“I very much enjoyed both the meeting and the venue. It was nice to see the commitment the members have to their societies and how well both the Belgium and Dutch Societies came together to put on the event. I thought the quality was high, especially the posters. I was a bit rushed this visit but I still think maybe the posters could have gotten a bit of the prime time, maybe even start with them Weds evening with a buffet/wine/beer. Anyway I appreciate the invitation and the chance to connect with both long time colleagues and make some new acquaintances.” – Mike Bowers, University of California

“It was a pleasure and an honor to come speak at the NVMS-BSMS meeting in Rolduc. What stood out for me was the high level of science represented in the talks and posters, which spanned a wide range of mass spectrometry disciplines, from fundamental ion chemistry to biological tissue imaging and biomarker applications. I was particularly impressed with the Ph.D. poster presentations and talks. The competition engaged and focused the students, and provided them with an ideal forum in which to hone their presentation skills. I enjoyed many spirited discussions during the poster sessions and over dinner, out of which came some interesting ideas I’ll take home with me to the lab. Last but not least, the entertaining talk by Jef van den Steen left me with a new appreciation for Trappist beer and the long tradition of brewing in that part of Europe.” – William Old, University of Colorado Boulder
“I found the NVMS-BSMS meeting in Rolduc to be an excellent scientific forum. There was a good balance between “in depth” plenary lectures covering important topics in the application of mass spectrometry and shorter, more focused, presentations in the parallel sessions on particular topics. I also found a great deal to interest me in the many very interesting posters. The meeting was in a great location, was a very friendly, was a nice size, and had a very good atmosphere, overall a real treat!” – Ian Wilson, Astra Zeneca